I was recently hired to represent the family of an elderly pedestrian killed by a motorist.  The driver had a $100,000 policy with State Farm.  Although the police report showed the decedent to be dead at the scene, she was taken to a nearby hospital.  The medical staff billed over $21,000 in an unsuccessful attempt [...]Continue reading

This is one of those questions that nobody ever thinks to ask until it happens to them. In Illinois, the answer is yes. The law has decided that the owner of an animal should be responsible for the damage when the dog bites an innocent person. Of course, that doesn’t mean it’s easy. The “One [...]Continue reading

When hiring a lawyer, it is always important to understand what their services will cost. A traditional attorney’s fee is billed at an hourly rate and paid monthly by the client. That’s fine if you are a corporation or a successful business owner, but many people cannot afford to pay a monthly bill. Nevertheless, they [...]Continue reading

A recent report produced by the American Association of Justice outlines shady practices used by insurance companies to deny legitimate claims. Lawyers familiar with insurance claims are well aware of these practices. Unfortunately, for many policyholders, it can come as a surprise. The report also points out that these practices are not just utilized by [...]Continue reading

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